The Laureate is arguably Artarmon’s premier high-rise and most sought-after building. It is one of several strata communities and many residential dwellings, which make up Artarmon. Our community property consists of the pool area, community room on B2, all driveways, pathways and lighting within our boundary and gardens.

The funding for the maintenance of community property and the general upkeep of the community area comes from quarterly levies made to each household owner in the community. The administration of these funds is undertaken by an elected strata committee made up of lot owners. The Strata Committee oversees the smooth running of the community’s affairs within the parameters of the Laureate Community Management Guidelines agreed from time to time and complies with the Strata Management Act.


The Strata Committee also considers requests for changes to buildings and gardens within the scope of the Laureate Architectural and Landscape Standards. Approvals granted by the Strata Committee are conditional upon applicable Council and regulatory approvals, where required.


The Strata Committee meets regularly in the Community Room on B2. Agenda and minutes for the meetings are posted on the notice board on level 1 and emailed to all owners and residents. All are invited and welcome to attend.

Property Management

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Common Property

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Function Room

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Below is a summary of some useful resident information. Further details can be found in the By-laws.

Balcony Cleaning

Balconies must not be cleaned using large amounts of water that runs off your balcony. This causes water to splash on the balconies and gardens of residences below. Please use a mop and bucket.

Car Washing

The car washing bay for Laureate Apartments is located in front of the refuse garage adjacent to the carpark entry on Francis Road and is for the use of all residents in accordance with current water use regulations.

Deliveries and Removals

The Laureate is a secure building meaning that access is restricted to the owners and residents by security coded keys and electronic pads. Real Estate and other Agents may attend to permit the inspection and access to apartments, but the owner/resident is responsible for their conduct at all times.

Tradesmen, removalists, and deliveries may enter the building through the carpark level B2. The front doors are electronic and may not be propped open except by approval and arrangement with the caretakers.

Garbage and Recycling

The Laureate is served by a garbage chute which connects to the compactor for small bags of kitchen and personal general rubbish on level B2. Each floor is also serviced by the caretakers for collection of paper and recycling materials such as bottles and cans which may be deposited in containers in each garbage chute room.


The garden surrounding the Laureate provides a venue for residents and their guests to socialize and enjoy the four seasons and constant changing themes. The garden provides lounge chairs, play areas and a community garden for herbs and spices. It may be accessed from level 1 (ground) and is regularly maintained in line with the Landscape Master Plan approved by the body corporate.

Hot Water

The hot water is provided as a strata service from centralized heaters located on B2. The costs are shared based on quarterly readings of hot water consumption meters located inside each apartment. Access is required by meter readers at specified times.


Parking for Residents

Each unit has a marked car parking space(s). Bicycles can be secured within a unit’s nominated car space or on the bike racks provided on each parking level.

Parking for Visitors

A total of eight visitor parking spaces are available on B2 level for the exclusive use of visitors to The Laureate. Visiting tradesmen may also use the visitors’ carpark provided they can enter the garage, which has a height limit on entry of approximately 2.2 metres.


The Laureate is a pet friendly building where cats, birds, fish, and small dogs are permitted. Residents with pets should refer to the By-laws where details relating to dogs and the keeping of animals are specified, including dogs being on a lead throughout common property, and not in the pool area. Requests should be submitted to the Strata Committee for approval prior to bringing the pet onsite.


The Laureate is protected by a Master Key system and electronic devices including CCTV and electronic key code locks.

Strata Committee of the Owners’ Corporation

The Strata Committee meets regularly in the Committee Room/Office on B2. A meeting notice and agenda is displayed on the foyer notice board and will also be mailed out. Owners and residents are welcome to attend meetings as observers. Minutes are also displayed on the notice board and website. Communication with the Strata Committee is best done via email to the Strata Manager. A copy of the By Laws for the building is available from Strata Central and the Laureate website.

Swimming Pool

The Laureate Community swimming pool is available for the exclusive use of Laureate residents and their guests. All Laureate residences are issued with keys to the swimming pool gates and access is available each day between 6am to 9pm.


All washing is to be contained within the apartment boundaries. There are no shared machines, drying equipment or areas providing washing facilities. Each resident is obliged to make their own arrangements in that regard but must respect the limitations on drying washing on verandahs and exterior ledges as prescribed in the By-Laws for Window Coverings.